Are You a Bottoms or Boobs Man?

Posted on 02/12/2016 at 11:48 am Category :- Blog

Bottoms Or Boobs? Which do you prefer on your Manchester escort?

What a lovely dilemma, bottoms or boobs, are you a bum man or a tit lover? There are without a doubt aficionado’s of bottoms and boobs, and some guys will profess to a shared interest. Well it can be difficult to find the full package sometimes, but having said that, in exactly the same way that guys usually prefer blonde or brunettes, an escort search on a Manchester escort agency website is often initiated by a boob size search parameter.

Variety is the spice of life, and having so many shapes and sizes of both is intoxicating for the discerning connoisseur. Perhaps starting with the easiest, breasts, what can we say? Size is usually the easiest parameter and most discussed. Are you a big tit or a small tit man? And what is considered big to some is not to others. Having a lifetime partner with say a 32a bra measurement then anything north of a b cup is going to be significant. They say what won’t fit in a glass is wasted but thats a cop out for small breasted ladies we think. Let’s consider a 40 DD lady. Perhaps a more mature escort with those measurements and certainly a busty escort, ┬ábut many guys like the Motherly approach and the maternal offerings of an ample breast have had lifelong appeal.

Where do supermodels fit in all of this? 32b/c most usually – a skinny tall pale offering, not to be confused with a takeaway coffee, but certainly not to everyones taste. The stock figure of many eastern European escorts with legs to die for and heads in the clouds. That moves us nicely to what is perhaps the perfect boob size on paper and in the flesh, the timeless 34DD. 34 gives a lovely lady size with the 34DD being big enough to titillate and excite whilst remaining self supporting in most cases. Suits me sir.

Guys tend to have a preference for breast size and we say there’s nothing wrong with that. However, may we suggest an occasional change of preference to keep things interesting and exciting? As we said – variety and you won’t know what you’re missing if you don’t vary your diet from time to time.

We haven’t even got onto nipples yet, let alone bottoms so let’s save those for another exciting post? Check out bottoms here

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