We believe that a top escort is born and not made. Anyone can be taught the skills in any profession or line of work, but to have the flair, the genuine passion for any job is a different thing altogether. So, when we are looking to recruit new escorts in Leeds then we are looking for that vital ingredient that has always been there, a girl who is sexy in body and soul and is now ready to explode!! Naturally we know what our clients are looking for in a sensual companion in Leeds. They want a glamourous companion who has the body of an angel and the actions of a minx!! That perfect blend of the naughty and the nice that all elite Leeds escorts have and which radiates from them like a sexy aura. Yes – Leeds escort clients want it both ways. A sumptuous blonde escort who promises the earth when her client first looks at her photos, the fiery redhead, the black escort like an ebony goddess, the brunette who looks so sensually driven. But they want to know there is more than just an image she needs to be as sexy as she looks! These are the key elements of our search on this Leeds escorts recruitment drive.

What else really matters?

So now you know the really important bit do you match the small print as well? We are recruiting escorts in Leeds who are aged between eighteen and thirty-five, well presented with a fit body, available for flexible hours and eager to earn a better than average income by far, all for sharing their time and companionship with guys around the region. If this sounds like the opportunity you have been looking for then apply today and start the life that has been waiting for you.

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