Sexy Bottoms - Vote Now

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Sexy Bottoms – Vote Now

Sexy bottoms – bums, asses, arses, however you want to describe it theres a certain something about a sexy ass. But what constitutes a sexy ass? Apples and pears really isn’t it?

It can be quite amusing watching a hot girl walk down the street and see the number of heads turned to catch a glimpse of her sexy derriere. Nothing wrong with that we say, they flaunt it so let’s enjoy it. what’s your favourite? Lets discuss.

The sheer variety of sexy bottoms is as varied as it is exciting. A peachy pert bum wrapped impossibly tightly in denim jeans is an obvious contender for ass of the year. marching down the high street in heels with a bum wobble that could juggle a tennis ball is all you need to brighten your day and get the mind thinking. When the jeans are peeled off and that tight young ass retains it’s perfect round shape then you may well have gone to heaven. The touch and feel of those cheeks in your hand is something to savour forever.

there are of course guys that prefer a bigger bottom – fine in our book. Something perhaps not quite so rounded, perhaps the sort of bum that you may find on a more mature or curvy escort. Enveloping a tight g string with her ample bum cheeks can be an enticing and exciting vision and one that many discerning escort clients yearn for.

And there is everything in between to consider – the world is your oyster as they say so enjoy the moment and remember – variety is the spice of life so enjoy the diversity that sexy bottoms offer. Check out our views on bums or breasts and see if you agree?


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