Any girl working in the escorts industry often comes into contact of many customers. Not necessarily, these customers are of same nature. Escorts on regular basis witnesses a variety of clients coming from different backgrounds. For instance, there was a client who I had met with he used to love licking between the legs and used to lift women on his Shoulders. On the other hand, there was another client who was a university student and often hired my services just to meet talk. He used to only kiss my lips, kiss my feet and cuddling around my body. So, both were completely different individuals.

Over the years, I have been meeting with different clients while working with Elite Manchester Escorts and have segregated clients I have observed basis some commonalities among them. I also found similarity in my thoughts when discussed with other girls in the same profession. The diversity in clients is also notable because of the choices of clients. If an escort learns to pick her clients based on the preferences, she might not face lot of dissimilarities among clients. Let’s have a look on the variety of clients that I have observed in my lifetime of experience as an escort:

  1. Clients with varied taste and likes

I rarely dealt with these kinds of clients who always look for new girls. I am thankful that these clients are easily picked through some questions. My usual clients are my regular ones. When I say new girls means those who are new to sex industry. You can’t deny the existence of handful of such people who always wait for the new girl to come and have disgusting agenda to discuss with them.

  1. The gentleman

Here I am referring gentlemen to those who are either single or divorced. Typically, these guys ages between 30 – 40. The best part about them is they never expect new escorts with them, but they want to spend time with one who can be loyal to them. In fact, they are most desirable guys with money and status both. I met with one of the guys recently and he established some emotional connection with me after having few meetings. The only problem is that they want you to be in relationship but that’s not escort thing, honestly.

  1. The married one

Well, these are sort of clients who I often see. Some of my notable clients are married once. It’s not correct that they cheat over their wife. On the contrary, they are loving, affectionate and caring. I often found out they are in the hunt of something different in their life. Following the monotonous daily routine, they sometime found themselves into the middle of nothing. This can be the reason I think they find hiring Cheshire escorts as a solution which is fine.

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